7 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online in 2023, How to earn money online without investment for students.



How to Earn Money online without investment or How to earn money online without investment for students and there are many more questions like this daily searched on Google to earn money online all these usually search by students, Housewives & person who want to earn money online but don’t know the actual way to earn money online or the potential of online earning. so today we discuss about this interesting topic and I am hopeful that will help you to grow faster in your life and earn money through this online mediums But all these methods is not fast money making methods. you have to give proper time to the way you choose give to earn money online that give you success sure shot.

Internet is most powerful facility in our hands their are millions of possible ways to earn money online but every method take time their is not a single way that give you success in single night. you need to do Hardwork whatever method you choose give all the time to that task and that will revert you make as successful person and always choose field according to your passion never choose a wrong field after watching someone doing great work in particular field always go with your passion that help you to do same as that guy but in your field where you work freely without tensions of work.

There are 2 types of persons who want to earn money online first is who want a part time work to generate some passive income side by side and second one is who want to make full time career online so their are lots of online ways for both types of peoples you just need to be patient and never get discouraged if you don’t get result immediately in this article we discuss the most effective methods to earn money online in 2023.

7 Proven Ways to Earn Money From Home

Ways to Earn Money Online

There are various ways to Earn Money Online mostly all the methods are free to work and start earning but in some ways you need to invest some money from your side but you won’t regret after investing that little amount . so lets get started

1. Freelancing :- Freelancing is a term that everyone should know who is searching online how to earn money this is most easiest and effective way to earn money online. If we simplify the term Freelancing that means you can sell your skills online and earn money. if you guys are good in Photo Editing, Video Editing, Developing Websites and any thing you can do you can sell it as Freelancer. Many peoples monthly earning in millions with the help of freelancing their are big potential in freelancing.

Their are many Freelancing Websites that provides you platform to sell your skills and take little cut from your earnings like 20-30% and settle rest of the amount in your account on the fixed monthly date in your linked bank accounts. we will discuss some of them in this article. Some of the popular websites are Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. these are the platforms where you guys can do freelancing and earn money.

To get started you guys need an account and a good profile where you describe all your skills and experience , rates you charging for your skills you should also create a portfolio if possible. creating portfolio is not compulsory its just an advice so if you want you can do it makes good impact on client after setting up all this you guys start your work. Now Bid on different different projects always read carefully the description before bidding.

If you get project in early phase always keep in mind to communicate daily with client and deliver the project on time that will help you in future and make good reputation and get more projects in future.

2. Blogging :- Blogging is a Deep Sea of money but only for those who are patient and work cosistently. You guys can’t even imagine how much money you can earn monthly through blogging. i think everyone already know about blogging & how its work. if you guys want to know detail information about blogging comment down we will make a detailed article on it for now we will discuss blogging in a short defination so blogging is a writing job where you can deliver the information to audience through google.

You guys need a website where you write and publish articles. You can choose any Niche (Field) of your interest as long as your blog grow and get traffic or popularity. you can start earning money through advertising, affiliate marketing or selling products and services.

To Start a blog you need to choose one platform from Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is a free service and provide a blogspot subdomain to user but my recommendation is to use a Domain Name with blogger or if you use WordPress you guys need Web Hosting and Domain Name to make a blog. Once you made a blog you can start writing articles and share your thoughts with your audience.

You can Earn money in multiple ways with blogging like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling own products and services. making money from blogging takes time and patience with efforts you need to create quality content for your audience that they want to read you can also promote your blog to gain audience and traffic.

3. Start an Online Store:- You can make an online store where you can earn money by selling Online Services, Courses, Digital products, Ebooks, and Offline products too. In today’s world, 70% of customers are buying products using online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and many other E-commerce stores. There are many platforms that help you make an online store easily such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, and Wix to make online stores.

Once you are done setting up an online store, you need to find products you can also source products from wholesalers or manufacturers and create digital products like Ebooks, Courses, and Digital Bundles to sell on your store. after all this, you need to setup shipping and payment gateways.

Running an online store is Hard work to do. You need to manage your inventory and check orders time to time but later you won’t regret about your hardwork.

4. Start Youtube Channel:- Youtube is the most powerful and easy platform to earn money you just need to be consistent in making videos. First, select the niche just like blogging to make videos and always choose the interested niche that helps you to work with motivation it helps you to be consistent later if you choose your favorite topic you make unlimited content.

You can add Google Adsense after fulfilling the requirements of youtube. if you want to know the requirements of youtube to connect to Adsense search it on Google for the latest policies and criteria.

You can also promote your own products like T-shirts and other Digital products like courses and affiliate market products and earn lots of money. Youtube is a great platform to earn money so be consistent if you are ready to be a YouTuber.

5. Take Online Surveys:- Taking online surveys is also a popular way to earn money these days. There are many websites that pay you to complete surveys this will take some time but you will earn decent money from these websites and the amount of money depends on the length of surveys and quality of your answers

If you guys are thinking to earn some passive income through this method you can but this method gives you money if you honestly answer all the questions, give proper time complete the survey in time, choose options wisely you can earn money as a pocket money through this method but not that much money so you can try this method if you are totally free or want some part time passive income.

6. Become a Tutor:- Becoming an online tutor is also very much trending job these days if you have teaching experience you can start teaching like udemy and other teaching apps and YouTubers you can join any of these websites to teach or start a teaching channel on youtube there are many examples who started their youtube teaching channel and make a multi millionare companies like Alakh Pandey who started Physics Wallah.

If you guys are starting choose a topic you are passionate about what subjects you know well once you choose a subject, you can start looking for students who need help in that topic. After that find a good platform to teach on their are many platforms according to your country if you are from India you can use udemy, Chegg India, Class plus, etc.

Now create your profile add proper descriptions and your experience and set rates according to your experience and start teaching happy earning.

7. DropShipping:- Dropshipping is a trending business nowadays. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where we can not store products in stock instead of storing retailers directly purchase products from third parties usually they are wholesalers or direct from manufacturers.

Dropshipping is very simple business where you just need to make a website or Instagram Page. just promote the products on different platforms and run exciting offers Ads from Google or Facebook to gain traffic and customers or when you get customers give them payment options if you are getting customers from website integrate payment gateway their or if you guys get from any other sources provide payment methods according to them you can also provide the COD option to customers in case they are refusing to pay online.

If a customer gives you an order then ask the customer for the shipping information like address, contacts, etc. then give the information to the supplier. Then the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. when product deliver successfully you get your commission from the manufacturer or supplier.

If you guys need any detailed article on any of the methods comment down or if you need any article on a specific topic comment down fast.


Earning Money online is revolutionized way to work individually worldwide.. Weather you can choose your profession by your own if you want to be a freelancer you can do it freely or if you want to make your own eCommerce store you can and Earn unlimited money All these methods are very much effective you can earn from any method you are interested you just need to be focused do every work with dedication never give up on any work you will get results soon. but consistency is the key to success always remember to give realistic experience to your clients and learn new skills everyday to make a great business online earning is great way to be financial independence and great business Happy Earning.

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