What is Blogging? How to start a blog in 2023 & Earn 100$ Monthly.

What is Blogging? How to start a blog. Blogging is a great medium in today’s world to share your knowledge with the world or build communication skills blog writing and earn money by monetizing your content with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Ebook & your own products or courses. if you guys write content by your own that will boost your confidence and helps you to earn fame and money with time.

When you start sharing your knowledge with a Blog you build a community from a worldwide audience you can monetize it later to any platform by web mentions to your own youtube channel or online stores. however, blogging is not just putting your words in front of audience you need full proof planning to write blogs. Always remember to make a successful blog you need patience.

What is Blogging? How to start a blog | Build communication skills blog writing

In this article we discuss How to start a Blog if you guys want to learn Blogging you can start with Blogger. Blogger is a Free platform by Google where we can make our free blog with Google security, Free lifetime web hosting with unlimited space, or Free SSL certificate. if you guys don’t know what is SSL Certificate it makes your website secure and transforms your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

What is Blog and Why You Should start a blog?

What is blog is already cleared in Introduction Phase. Now I ll clarify your doubt between blog and website.

Consider a website as a static or dynamic webpage, where things change rarely or with time these type of websites basically represents business products or services.

But Blog is made to provide you a piece of detailed information about any particular keyword you search on search engines like Google, or Bing. You will find daily or weekly changes on blogs.

Also, remember blog can be a part of the website, where websites can provide details about products and services that the website sells but a blog can not be a website if you guys want to start a blog, then read this article carefully or comment down your thoughts below.

Blogging is a way to share your knowledge with the world on a particular topic and make reader-friendly and genuine content in return you will monetize your blog through multiple modes.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Which is Better?

WordPress and Blogger both are blogging platforms, WordPress is a Paid CMS ( Content Management System ) and Blogger is a Free CMS ( Content Management System ) blogging platform by Google where we can make free blog websites. Here we discuss the Difference between WordPress vs Blogger.

Usually, every Pro Blogger uses WordPress because it is easy to use and easy to manage. you can easily manage your blog using WordPress plugins as per the latest stats 60% of Bloggers use WordPress.

If you guys want to try Free Blogging you can use Blogger but with some limitations like google is the owner of your Blog but if you guys start your blog in WordPress you are the owner of your own Blog and you can control everything in your blog but there are Advantages and Disadvantages of both Platforms.

How to Create a Free Blog In Blogger?

To create a Free Blog the main requirement is a Gmail account. I think you guys already have a gmail account. if you don’t have a Gmail account yet create a Gmail account first after creating an account log your account in Blogger after successfully logging in blogger choose your website title or name. Then choose a suitable subdomain (URL) for your website if you guys use these subdomain of Blogger like your website title.blogspot.com or later you can add your custom domains from different domain providers like Godaddy, Hostinger etc Then select your blog name which is shown to your audience all set now. Start posting articles on your blog.

Advantages of Blogger CMS

  • The main advantage of Blogger is the security of Google which means your website won’t hack.
  • Free Web Hosting to handle Millions of traffic every day.
  • Free Sub-Domain like “yourwebsitename.blogspot.com
  • Inbuilt Google Analytics Feature to track traffic
  • Free SSL Certificate by Google
  • Easy to Create a Blog you just need a Gmail account.

Disadvantages of Blogger CMS

  • Google owns blogger, eventually, you are not the owner of the blog.
  • You have to Follow all Google guidelines and terms if you did not follow the rules your blog delete by Google automatically without any warning.
  • If you want to customize your blog you need to learn HTML or CSS first, there is no plugins like WordPress in Blogger.
  • Blogger is also very limited in terms of customization.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress?

WordPress power over 60% of the web and every 2 websites of 5 are made on WordPress. it is a very powerful CMS ( Content Management System ) where we can make websites or blogs easily but you guys need personal web hosting or domain IN WordPress.

If you guys made a website on WordPress you are the Owner of your blog and you can scale your blog later using different-different plugins.

WordPress is a Free CMS by a non-profit organization WordPress offers two most popular platforms



We are usually focused on WordPress.org as WordPress.com is a similar platform to Blogger with limitations if you are using the Free plan on WordPress.com there are the same limitations as Blogger you need to pay extra to use Pro features.

WordPress.org is like your own property you just need a Domain or web hosting it just costs around $50/year. This plan of Hosting is Basic you can also purchase other advanced plans from Hostinger.

If you guys are keen to learn the difference between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org comment down we will write a detailed article on it.

Advantages of WordPress

  • WordPress is an advanced Blogging platform. it is self-hosted platform and you are the owner of the blog.
  • In WordPress, you have full freedom to work using advanced plugins to automate blogging process.
  • In WordPress, you can customize anything like Themes, Advance widgets without coding.
  • WordPress is free to use platform you won’t need to pay any charges.
  • WordPress has millions of community.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • WordPress is Self Host Platform where you need web hosting to make websites or blogs.
  • You need to buy a domain name for WordPress on the other side blogger provide you a free subdomain.
  • The Security and Performance of WordPress are managed by you.

Do not get scared after reading the disadvantages of WordPress because, in reality, everything is easy to manage in WordPress as compared to Blogger. You can easily manage the security, backup, and performance of WordPress using Free WordPress Plugins

Usually, every Pro Blogger loves WordPress even me in my starting days I also start with Blogger but with time I faced some issues so I switch to WordPress to scale my blogs. so I advised you if you are truly passionate about blogging start with WordPress.

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After, choosing a Blogging platform you need a niche to start your blog. if you guys didn’t know what is a niche we will clear your doubt about niche.

What is Niche?

A Niche is a Topic or Category on which we write articles. As you guys know our blog topic is Tech always targets your interest topic. Selection of the niche is the main criteria for any successful blog.

Here we discuss the basics of Niche and How you choose a niche. Finding the perfect niche is a very hectic task where we research the niche on the basis of interest.

Having a Blog is not a difficult task but maintaining the continuity of blogging is a very hard task. But always choose the niche according to your interest or passion if you guys do not have more knowledge about the niche then do more research on the particular niche or topic.

Every day millions of articles are published daily according to Ahref around 90% of them won’t even get single traffic. Because they don’t have proper knowledge about their niche. So. choose the right niche to start your blog.

Types of Niches and Importance of them.

Here we going to teach you about the category of niches, so be focused and research your interest. There are different categories of websites find the perfect niche for the blog is the first move to making a successful blog.

Multi-Niche Blogging

Multi Niche Blogging is a subject where we can write articles on multiple categories and probably you may seen blogs on multiple categories for example Deepawali a blog by Pavan Agarwal on this Blog they write blog posts on multiple topics such as Information, Entertainment, and Stories.

These type of websites known as multi-niche blogs. This is the best choice if you have time or knowledge to share blog posts on all categories before starting a multi-niche blog you have to decide first that you are able to write on multiple categories because lack of knowledge may be the reason of blog failure.

Niche or Micro Niche Blogs

When you guys select a particular topic and start writing blog posts on that particular topic that will be known as a Niche blog or if you guys choose a specific topic in that niche is known as Micro Niche.

Niche –> Sub Niche –> Micro Niche

Imagine you guys are interested in Tech Niche then there are many Micro Niches for Tech Niche.

  • Laptops or Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Product Reviews
  • Games
  • Android

If you guys planning to write blog posts about Tech Niche then your blog will be known as Niche Blog. But you need proper knowledge about that to make a successful blog. we recommend Micro Niche blogging to every beginner or newbie here because Micro Niche is easy to operate and no need to research multiple categories.

How to Find a Profitable Niche for Your Blog?

Before choosing a niche, you have to plan your goals for blogging why do you want to start blogging what is your plans are you planning for the long term or the short term I hope if you start blogging you may choose long term because blogging is not a quick rich scheme.

while choosing a niche you have to choose your goals if you guys go for long-term goals I recommend you to choose Niche blogging or if your blog goals are short term always tried to choose micro-niche blogs.

Here we give you a strategy to choose your favorite niche some people might thought it was a foolish act but it always works for us take a pen and paper brainstorm your mind and write all the ideas in your mind on paper and choose one of them as your niche that helps you to make a successful blog & write unlimited blog posts.

  • Write down topics and ideas related to your interests like Technology, Movies, Food Blogs etc.
  • Always choose the topic that you love the most that helps you to grow the blog.
  • Always do research about your interests for unlimited content ideas.

These steps give you great benefits and give you billions of Ideas & Content.

To set up a Blog you guys need a web hosting or Domain to know more about web hosting read our article on WebHosting where we explain web hosting and types of web hosting. if you are a new blogger you can go with blogger but if you guys have a budget go with web hosting or start blogging with WordPress.

We recommend you Hostinger web hosting platform where you can buy web hosting in very cheap prices or if you use our link you get additional 20% discount on WebHosting always choose a minimum plan of 12 months where you get 1 Premium Domain free and its very much cheaper than monthly plans.

What is Web Hosting & Types of Web Hosting

What is Domain Name and How to Buy?

If we talk in simple language Web Hosting is like our House and the address of the house is Domain Name in Technical terms.

In technical terms, a domain name is the address of a website, which is live on the internet and anyone can access your website using this domain name.

Domain names look like this:- https://www.trickzmasterz.com

There are Two Types of Domain Names.

  1. gTLD Domains:- gTLD Domains stands for Generic top-level domains, which is used by most of the website holders.
  • .Com Domains:- This is the oldest domain extension used for all commercial purposes and mostly recommend by all.
  • .Org Domains:- This type of domain mostly used by organizations or charity purposes.
  • .Net Domains:- This type of domains mostly used for networking business.

These are the most popular domains mostly used there are many other domains exist like .xyz, .tech, .site etc.

2. ccTLD Domains:- ccTTLD Domains stands for country code Top-level domains and this type of domains mostly used if you guys targeting any specific country.

  • .In Domains:- These Domains are mostly used if you are targeting Indian Audience.
  • .Us Domains:- These Domains are mostly used for USA Audience.

LIke this every country has their domain extensions you can use any of these domain to target any country audience. if your blog is targeting any specific country you can use ccTLD Domains. But we recommend you to start with gTLD Domains.


There are many other factors like Keyword Research, SEO & Backlinks if you guys want complete article on these terms comment down. If you guys going start blogging read this article completely and always keep this in mind blogging is not a quick rich scheme.

Blogging takes time you need to be patient and consistent. Do remember blogging is a never ending learning process because there are many changes done by Google daily. Hope you guys find this article useful if this article help you in any manner please comment down this will motivate us to make more informational articles like this.


What is Blog Used For?

1. To help people with specific topics.
2. To provide original and unique content to search engines.
3. To connect with the audience through your genuine thoughts.
4. To monetize your content and earn some income

What Exactly Blogs Means?

Blogging is the process in which we create articles with our knowledge in the form of text blogs, images, and other content. There are many types of blogs available online which is called niche in the language of blogging

How can i start blogging

Choose Blogging Platform Blogger or WordPress
Choose your niche
Pick a Good Hosting Platform
Buy a Domain
Setup and Design your Blog
Find Topics and Keywords
Start Writing Blogs

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