What is Instagram Threads? Can Threads Replace Twitter?


Instagram Threads is the New Platform launched by META. Instagram threads provide the same platform as Twitter. Where you can share Text Updates and Make Public Threads where the public interacts with anyone even if you are a celebrity or influencer. You can login in Threads using your Instagram account where you can post 500 characters long Text including Photos, Videos, Links and Videos length up to 5 mins.

Mark Zuckerburg just announced the initial version of Threads, Threads directly gives competition to Twitter same features the main thing is this is built by Instagram Team. They have great knowledge and experience to handle traffic.

Threads offer a new separate space from Instagram where we get real-time updates and public conversations. META going to make a different open world community with threads like twitter where we can share thoughts and reply public questions because Instagram is place where billions of peoples connect all over with videos and photos.

Just like Instagram we can follow anyone and connect with peoples in Thread and share our thoughts and Interests with the world.

How to Use Instagram Threads ?

The Process to Join Threads is very Easy. You can simply connect your Instagram account with Threads and start using the Threads service you can simply import your all data from Instagram. like Profile Picture, Bio, Links, etc.

Everyone who is under 16 ( or under 18 in some countries) will join threads using their Instagram profile. when you start using threads firstly it asks you to import data from Instagram click on import to import your bio, profile pic, or links then in new pages it will ask you to follow the same accounts you followed in Instagram. if you want to you can go with that or you can skip it too.

You can easily share your threads to your Instagram Stories or share the thread’s links to other platforms.

How Instagram Threads is different from Instagram or Twitter?

Threads is totally different platform from Instagram and Similar to Twitter with some extra features and stability. if we are talking about Instagram. Instagram is a platform where we can share our photos and videos in reels form but in Instagram public interactions are only done with Personal Dm’s and Comments where the creator not able to reply all the queries to every single person and Twitter come with same features like Threads but little extra security and more fun features and interface.

In Threads, anyone can create any thread and ask queries anyone can answer that questions easily and get the solutions easily even big creators, YouTubers, and bloggers can answer queries.


Threads is creating records in a single day 5 Million+ Downloads of threads app like reels and other features of Instagram threads grow faster or may be replaced Twitter if this happens META take over all the social media industry you can also try Threads it will be fun must give a single try to Threads hope it makes a place in your device so this is all about Threads.

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