What is Sellers.json?Adsense for Beginner Bloggers

If you are a Blogger or an Adsense user, you may notice a Seller.json notification in your Google Adsense account. So today we discuss What is Sellers.json?Adsense for Beginner Bloggers Google is just asking you to include your seller information in the sellers.json file.

For everyone Beginner to Professional Blogger this is new no one encounter this before but it won’t affect your AdSense monetization status.

Note:- If you guys want to solve this Adsense error read this article carefully don’t skip any part.

What is Sellers.json File?

In simple words, the sellers.json file is a public file that stores Adsense publisher’s data. Everyone whom using google Adsense is called as publishers if your blog is approved by adsense then you are a publisher partner with google adsense.

We are publisher’s which use Google Adsense. your all publisher data stored in sellers.json file You can easily check that file by click on File button.

Sellers.json notification by google adsense

Sellers.json file helps advertisers to easily identify your website and verify your websites to show ads on your website this file increase transparency between advertisers or publishers.

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How to add your Seller information in sellers.json file

To add your seller information in sellers.json file follow these steps carefully.

1. First login in your adsense account then click on dashboard button.

2. Then select Account > Settings > Seller Information Visibility.

3. There are two options Confidential or Transparent if you don’t want to public your seller information if you want to fix Seller.json file error choose transparent as recommend by Google.

4. Add Buissness Domain (Depends on your personal choice no compulsion) your information saved automatically.

Note:-Buissness Domain only accepts Top Level Domains like .com etc so enter it wisely if you don’t have any domain leave it empty. if you are blogger user you can add Blogger subdomain but as i mentioned above it is not compulsory so don’t worry.

If you have any Top Level Domain add it without ‘www’ like (example.com)

Once google verify your sellers.json file this notification automatically remove from your adsense account. You do not have to do anything after this complete process all things done by google team.

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Which types of information included in the sellers.json file

Publisher ID :- Every adsense account contains a unique 16 digit publisher code. you can easily check your publisher id in your account or ads.txt file.

Seller Types :- Seller type is always ‘Publisher’ because every Blogger is Publisher.

Your Name :-Your adsense account name shown in sellers.json file for example our adsense name is example then it shows example (our name) or 16 digit publisher id.

Domain Name :-The Domain entered by you in sellers.json file shown in seller.json file automatically.

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Sellers.json file impacts your revenue or not?

This file won’t impact your revenue because google not mentioned this anywhere that sellers.json increase or reduce your revenue it is just a reminder by google to increase trust between publisher and advertisers that also helps google to verify or monitor your website easily but I recommend you to make sellers.json file transparent that helps you in long term because all the transperency removed between publisher or advertisers.


This is the complete guide about What is Sellers.json?Adsense for Beginner Bloggers that helps you to solve sellers.json in your adsense account but i recommend you to make your sellers.json file transparent that helps you in long run thats all for today.

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