What is Instamojo? How to Earn with Instamojo

Hey, readers today we discuss What is Instamojo? How to Earn with Instamojo. if you guys don’t know what is instamojo in this article we clear all your doubts about instamojo.

Instamojo is a payment gateway like Paytm, Paypal etc. which helps you to collect money from your product sales.

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What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is an Indian Payment Gateway. Instamojo is a platform to sell digital or physical products we can list our products on instamojo it collects all the sales money and transfer the sales amount directly to bank.

Instamojo works same as Paypal (International Payment Gateway) but instamojo is an indian payment gateway which is used by many indians to sell there digital or physical products.

When Instamojo firstly launched in India it only allows to sell digital products (softwares, ebooks etc) but later instamojo permit to sell physical products too.

To start selling digital or physical products on instamojo you need an instamojo account so follow below steps to create instamojo account.

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How to Create Instamojo Account?

Instamojo is a platform where you can create consumer and business accounts you just need basic details like (name, email, mobile number) or goverment id for KYC like(aadhar card, pancard) Follow the below steps to create account:-

1. First, open Instamojo official website ( Click here to Register )

2. There are two types of accounts consumer or buissness accounts if you want to sell products choose buissness account or if you want to buy products choose consumer option.

3. Just enter your Email Address or Choose Password after selecting your account type & click on signup button.

4. Now, enter your mobile number enter 4 digit OTP & click on Verify button.

5.Now, choose your account username from suggested usernames or choose your custom username. after selecting username.

6.Now, enter your pan details for account kyc purposes and enter your basic details then click on Next button.

7.Enter your payout details like Bank Account Number, Name, IFSC Code then, click on Finish button.That’s it your account setup is done.

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Advantages of Instamojo

  1. Instamojo is a free service but you can purchase instamojo membership if you want extra features.

2. You have to pay 2% of total amount to instamojo.

3. You can upload any type of digital or physical products without any charges.

4. You can create Discount Coupons for your own products on instamojo.

5. You can use Google Analytics to analize the sales on instamojo.

How to Earn Money with Instamojo

As, i told you above that you can sell your digital or physical products this is the source to earn from instamojo just add a product set price, promote your product and start earning.

How to Add Products in Instamojo?

First, login into your instamojo account where you want to your products after login on instamojo come to dashboard then follow these steps:-

1. There are two options in Instamojo dashboard Payment Links or Store.

2. If you guys want to collect only payments then click on payment links set your payment details and send the payment link to payee.

3. If you guys want to sell your digital or physical products click on product option.

4. Upload your product and set details about the product.

5. Copy the link of product and share it to sell.

How to take Instamojo Payment?

1. When your product sold all the payments directly add in your instamojo account.

2. Instamojo directly send all the money in 1-2 days to your bank account.

3. You can also take instant payments on instamojo but it takes some charges to transfer payment instantly.

How to Promote Instamojo products?

To promote products on instamojo you need to do instamojo marketing. Instamojo marketing increase the reach of your products this helps you to increase sales.

1. If you are a Youtuber making videos on youtube you can upload product links in description, if you are blogger then enter your product links in articles it will increase your sales.

2. Choose keywords or tags wisely when you are uploading products on instamojo. when anyone search for that particluar keyword your products shown there it will increase your sales.

3. Share your payment links it will increase your instamojo account reach in this way instamojo recommend your account.


In this article, we discuss What is Instamojo? How to Earn with Instamojo. Instamojo is an Indian payment gateway like PayPal etc. you can receive money with Instamojo or make your own store on Instamojo to sell digital or physical products. Instamojo is the best way to earn money by selling your own products like ebooks Instamojo is a great platform for Youtubers & Bloggers.

Instamojo is a free marketplace where you can sell digital or physical products without any single charges so that’s all for today i hope you guys found this article useful if you really like it share it with your friends and family till then Stay Safe Stay Home.

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