How to make a youtube channel in mobile with SEO Settings

Starting a Youtube Channel is very much easy & you can start it without any cost. There are Billions of monthly audiences of youtube but it is to much competitive platform because there are lots of creators worldwide who upload videos per minute. if you guys want to be a successful Youtuber then you have to truly connect with your audience. In this complete article, we discuss How to make a youtube channel in mobile with SEO Settings.

This article provide you a clear vision that helps you to decide Youtube is made for you or not or if you guys ready to stay connected with your audience then we provide you some premium Seo settings that,s help you a little bit in your Youtube SEO.

What is Youtube?

This is a short summary of youtube. many of you already know what is youtube? but there are also some peoples who don’t know what is youtube. Youtube is an Online video platform by American company where millions of creators publish billions of videos daily and share their knowledge or earn money with Google Adsense monetization. Youtube is also a subsidiary of Google.

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How to Make a Youtube Channel in Mobile?

To create a Youtube channel, you need a google account. Youtube is a free service by google where we can create our channel without any hidden cost. if you have a google account it is great but if you don’t have any google account create one first. once you have a google account click on this button Youtube.

After click on the Youtube button login to your google account. Then, click on your profile on the top right corner select your channel option. if you already have any channel it will automatically show there or if you don’t have any channel a new window open now select your channel name here like – Techredefineed then click on the create button.

In some cases, youtube may ask your number to verify your account. simply enter your number where you able to receive OTP then enter your OTP and click on continue button.

Tip:- Choose your channel name wisely because it will later become a brand or good channel name that makes a good impression on users that helps you to gain subscribers.

How to Customize Youtube Channel

Congratulations, you are successfully created your youtube channel but this is not completed yet because this is the first step now create a professional logo add the channel description that helps you in your channel SEO.

Now, click on customize channel upload your channel logo and description all the options are pretty simple just simply click and you are done start uploading your videos just focus on quality content maybe your the next who motivates others to live their dreams.

Seo Settings for Youtube Channel

1. Rename your video name with targeted keyword.

2. Place your keyword in the video title.

3. Use tags related to video or popular tags.

4. Add keywords and proper knowledge about video in description.

5. Add cards & end screen.

6. Upload Quality & Attractive Thumbnails.

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1.Rename your video name with targeted keyword

we discuss How to make a youtube channel in mobile with SEO Settings Seo plays a big role on youtube also if you guys making quality content regularly but not get results focus on seo of your videos these are the tips for your youtube videos. if you make any video and publish it with any random name it never helps you to rank on top try to rename your file video file with targated keyword. never ever use random names like video1.mp4 use targeted keywords helps you to rank your videos.

Renaming video files with targeted keywords plays a big role in seo of your youtube channel in this way youtube understand the topic of your video and rank your video’s on that particular keyword.

2. Place your keyword in the video title

Always try to place the targeted keyword in your video title that also helps in your video’s seo every time you upload a new video on youtube. youtube ask for video title so add your targeted keyword in your video title your video’s title directly give an overview of the video to youtube that helps youtube to rank your video on that particular topic.

If anyone search for that targated keyword youtube always show’s your video in search results. keywords in your video title helps you to rank your video on youtube top pages. title of your videos give a clear message to youtube that the video is based on that targeted keywords.

3. Use tags related to video or popular tags

Tags also plays a decent role in seo of your youtube videos with the help of these tags you can add related keywords in your youtube videos youtube community also recommend to add tags to your videos that helps your video’s to rank faster.

These Tags also helps youtube to understand your content and context of your video’s that helps them to rank your video with your targeted or related keywords so always remember to add some tags in your videos.

Choose your tags wisely never misuse the tags always use related keywords if you misuse tags google punish you for that so always do your work wisely and be patient.

4. Add keywords and proper knowledge about video in description

Youtube video description limit is 1000 words use it wisely it plays a big role in your youtube channel seo add related or targated keywords in description with summary of your video. never make your description too longer or to shorter.

Add your Social media links in your video description that helps you to make your channel branding, properly summarize your video’s in 1000 words with targeted keywords and related keywords

Tip :- Never Ever try to make fool your audience if you make them fool once they never visit your channel again there are many youtubers who publish videos with clickbait logos and provide different content to users in this way you never grow in this field.

5. Add cards & end screen

Addings cards and end screen helps you to make audience and get more views if you are regular youtube user you may notice an i button on many youtubers videos this is called as cards where we can add our recommended videos for users or suggestion’s of more videos at the end of video is called as end screen both these steps helps you to get more views and make audience.

This way also helps you in seo of your youtube channel you can add the links of recommended videos in i button of end screen that helps you to grow or if this video goes viral than other video’s may also got some fame too.

6. Upload Quality & Attractive Thumbnails

Always upload quality and attractive thumbnails on youtube videos that make good impression on users make a thumbnail that force users to click on that but always kept in mind that never make a clickbait thumbnails.

Clickbait thumbnails means an attractive picture unrelated to the video always make related thumbnails + attractive that force users to watch it. always try to add targated keywords in thumbnails rename the thumbnails with keywords names. it boost your seo of your youtube channel.

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Conclusion (Pro Tips)

In this complete article we discuss How to make a youtube channel in mobile with SEO Settings all these methods helps you to create youtube channel on mobile and customize it easily with complete seo tips that helps you to rank your video’s on the top these seo tips are personally used by us we know youtube is very much competative job but we recommend you try these ways you definately get sucess.

But, never ever make fool of your subscribers, be patient, always focus on quality content follow these methods completely we guarntee one day you get success that’s it for today if you guys found this article useful share it with your friends and family till then stay safe stay home.

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