8 Proven ways to Make Money Online without investment

Online Money Earning is the Top trending way to earn in the Covid-19 period. Everyone today wants to earn from the internet there are lots of jobs available on the internet but if there are lots of jobs, there are lots of risks also there are many real companies or too many fraud companies. In this article, we discuss how to earn money online without investment for students 8 Proven ways to Make Money Online without investment.

Online Jobs give more opportunities & pay more than offline companies in next 4-5 years. But online jobs take time never expect instant money from online jobs all the online jobs need time to grow.

8 Proven ways to Make Money Online without investment


Blogging means to showcase your knowledge to the world through your words make a blog or website and share your knowledge and earn. There are two different ways in Blogging you can write an article on someone’s blog as freelancer or assistant or start your own blog and website or start earning with advertisements (Google Adsense, Media.net) & Affilate Marketing.

But, you need the patience to build an audience for your website or blog. Blogging is Money earning machine but not in earlier days because your blog is totally new to the internet first builds some audience. But once your income starts from blogging then your blog makes money even your on break.

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Youtube is another knowledge sharing platform that helps to earn millions. but it also needs patience if you are good at making quality videos, good editing, and consistent. but youtube is also difficult and competative platform.

There are many types of channels on youtube but the most successful channels are Tech channels, Comedy channels, or Informative content if you make quality content on these niches your chances to success getting higher.

Many of you already know we can monetize our youtube channel with google adsense just complete the requirements and start earning but, first focus on audience building because decent audience helps to earn more.

Note :- If you guys want an article on complete setup of youtube channel and SEO comment down.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing helps you to earn according to your skills if you are a good editor, designer, programmer, content writer then you got lots of online freelancing jobs you just need skills, learn more day by day.

Freelancing is a job where we work for others and charge any amount according to your skill set if you are good at marketing and decent communication skills there are many freelancing websites

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Aquent
  • Crowded etc.

Checkout these websites & make money with your skills if you guys want an complete article on Freelancing comment down.

4. Make Money with Social Media

Social Media is a part of our daily life we spend lots of time on social media daily but what if we can earn with social media yes, it is possible to earn with social media. There are many social media influencers who charge over 20,000 rupess for one single post.

Your Social Media Fan Base is the key to success in social media earnings. Many of Instagram pages promote websites and charge any amount for that. there are many sponsors who give sponsorships for social media pages and earn in millions.

You can also promote your own online & offline products on social media pages like ebooks, courses, offline products etc.

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5. Selling & Buying domains

Selling & Buying High Authority Domain is a great opportunity to earn lots of money. there are many website owners who rent their website with a good traffic or if you have a domain that any company wants to acquire you can charge any amount for that domain. there are many examples where a company purchase a domain in millions

There are many peoples who want to try online buissness but they don’t know how to grow a website they take a domain on rent and start working. If you guys have a good authority domain with good SEO score , decent DA PA then many company offer you many to buy your domains

But if you don’t have proper knowledge about domains and how to grow a domain it is risky for you i recommend you to learn first then try,this domain tranding job gives you great opportunity but with a risk so be careful.if you have any domain and not using it try to sell them on domain trading platforms like sedo .

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affilate marketing is very well opportunity to earn money in simple words affiliate marketing means to promote ecommerce products on websites, pages, youtube channels, profiles.

There are many affiliate marketing companies like amazon, flipkart where you can create your affiliate account and place products links on your website, profile, pages, youtube channel if someone click on that affiliate links and purchase a product you get commission according to affiliate companies.

Many of the Bloggers & Youtubers can earn 6 figures income monthly with affiliate marketing if you don’t have any website or youtube channel you can easily share these affiliate links in Facebook groups, online forums, linkedin, quora, instagram etc.

There are many other companies which offers 30-40 % comissions on single sales just register your affiliate account and start earning.

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7. Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys is also helps to earn decent money. it is a best way to earn money for students without investments this is a online job where different different companies take surveys for their services and products to improve their services and products.

There are many companies who offers online surveys just register on that websites and complete the surveys if they like your review they pay you in your survey account but there is some issues with this online job because there are many cheaters like other jobs they offer you high amount but never ever pay you a single rupees.

You can try swagbucks & amazon surveys this is the genuine paid surveys companies you can earn 10000-25000 rupess monthy but only if you carefully fill the surveys & location also matters always try to fill surveys according to your experience never ever try to fraud with them.

If you guys want an article on complete review with more survey websites comment down or DM us on our social media handles.

8. Google Jobs

Google Jobs sound interesting. google is the most trusted company online there is no company like google i m using google online jobs from last 3 years and earn decent money from it.

There are Top 4 google jobs many of you already know this google famous jobs.

1. Google Adsense :- Google Adsense is very big platform by google that helps bloggers to monetize their websites with advertisements and google pay publishers to place these ads on their websites. many of the bloggers can earn monthly 2500$-5000$.

2. Google Admob :- Google Admob is an another platform by google that helps users to monetize their applications we can monetize any android and ios application with google admob advertisements.

3. Youtube Partner Program(YPP) :-Youtube Partner Program is an partnership between Youtube & Adsense we can monetize our youtube videos with YPP we just need to follow the YPP requirements to monetize our youtube videos.

4. Google Opinion Rewards :- Google Opinion Rewards is the platform by google where we make decent money from the surveys by google.

All these ways are very much helpful to earn money if you guys want to know more about any of these services let us know in the comment section or social media handles.

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In this article we discuss 8 Proven ways to Make Money Online without investment & how to earn money online without investment for students this are self tested ways by us all the ways helps you to earn money without any investment but i recommend you to learn first because learning makes you perfect polish your skills and be the next example for others patience is the most important key for sucess if you think you can earn from the very first day from internet you never get sucess always try to learn and provide good content.

Just Focus on quality never ever try to fool anyone if you make someone fool one time they never trust on you so always try to fix problems if you guys choose blogging or youtube patience is must if you don’t have patience i ll never recommend you these fields or if you ready to be patient then focus on good content one day you definately get sucess.

As, I mentioned above that online jobs never give instant results so choose job wisely if your patience then choose that type jobs or if you want instant results then you try paid surveys jobs, freelancing that’s it for today i hope you found this article useful if yes please share this article with your friends & family till then goodbye stay safe stay home.

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