Top 5 Best Seo Tips That Helps You To Rank On Top

Today we discuss about Top 5 Best Seo tips that you guys should not know about Seo. According to me you know little bit about seo or tips for seo that’s why you guys are here to know more about Seo . seo tips for wordpress , seo tips for blogger ,seo ranking tips ,best seo tips. Before we get start this topic . i recommend you guys to must read our last articles about blogging or other technology informations .


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Are you guys know what is SEO . SEO is the way to index your blog articles or youtube videos on the top of google or youtube 1st page . SEO is the simplest way way to get organic or unpaid traffic from search engine 1st pages .


If you guys want to know what is the true meaning of SEO . Let’s break the meaning into following parts
  • Quantity of Traffic :-When your article is indexed on the top results page with good quality keywords the traffic comes in high quantity to the top results .
  • Quality of Traffic :-When we properly done our SEO on our website or youtube . we will get quality of traffic using seo .
  • Organic Traffic :-When our website article or youtube video index on the top pages then organic traffic comes to your youtube channel or website that helps you in the form of organic traffic .


When you guys search something on Google , Yahoo , Bing . Suppose you guys search on google What is Blogging ? You get millions of results about What is Blogging ? Did you guys ever think from where the millions of results coming . if , no we are here to clear you all doubts .
All the results coming on search engines when we search anything on it . SEO plays a big role to showing the results the articles indexed in google . suppose we get total 1,00,000 results out of it 97% articles are indexed with the help of SEO .


1.Find Suggested Keywords

2.Speed-up your website

3.Use Keywords on write place

4.Add Keywords in videos or images

5.Use Google Search Console

Find Suggested Keywords

Finding Suggested Keywords is very helpful task in SEO . Many of you guys already know what is suggested keywords but some of new users don’t know what is suggested keywords so i’ll explain for them Suggested Keywords is the Keywords Suggest by search engines when we search something i’ll give you an example with an image .
When we search Seo Tips on google on the bottom of page it shows some suggestions or related keywords we have to find that keywords and use it in our articles or videos to easily rank them on top .
Finding Suggested keywords is very much easy task you guys can easily find suggetsed keywords in few seconds .


Speeding up your website is also playing an important role in SEO . Speed Up your website means to make the loading speed of your website faster . if you guys have a slow website it can directly affect the google rankings or downgrade your website , so you guys have to make your website faster you guys can use various tools to analyse your website speed like UberSuggest . Some tips to boost your website speed use less advertisements on your website or post in previous article i tell you to use two or three banners per post or homepage don’t use to much ads it initally boost your website speed . Don’t use 3rd party scripts it helps you to speedup your site if you guys using any 3rd party script checkusing analyzing tools and delete them to make your website faster .


Use Keywords in write place is the key for SEO (Index your Articles on top of Search Engines) to rank any article on the top of search engines but where you use the keywords and how many times you use the keywords
Specially you have to check that your keywords must shown one time atleast in your title tag ,in your permalink ,starting of your articles and use the keywords in suitable places according to you must use keywords onetime to rank it faster.


In every single post you guys add featured images or videos simply add the keywords in the images edit the images and add your keywords in images and videos . This is an awesome way to get traffic or it helps search engines to know what is the topic of your post and rank it faster in search engines.


Google Search Console is the one of the most favrouite way of SEO .if you guys don’t know how it is works ??
First , login in Google Search Console using your gmail account .It helps you to index your articles on google after creating account on Google Search Console you have to add your website on it . After setup your account you can manage or check your indexed pages on google or check the errors on your website if any ?
Google Search Console is the very easy tool for SEO of your website . Google Search Console is the most favrouite tool of all the bloggers to index articles.


We Discuss about Best 5 ways for SEO , You guys can use all the SEO TIPS 2020 and rank your website on the top . I suggest this ways on behalf of my experience in seo i am also not a perfect seo analyst But this ways helps me so i share it with you guys.
I hope you guys learn something new from our article . if you really learn something or like our article please share this article with others it motivate us and helps me to make a great content for you all if you guys want seo tips for youtube comment down must follow us on social media handles or follow our blog to get updated with knowledge full articles , reviews , tech news or updates .

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