Pubg Mobile Update 0.19.0 , Release date , New Map , New vehicle or Guns ,Changes or Season 14 Release Date

Tencent Gaming the Developer of Pubg Mobile recently announced the new update with the latest version 0.19.0 New Season 14 or a Brand new map called Livik Map . The New Map is teased in last beta version where it come with a name ‘Secret Map’ .
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pubg mobile 0.19.0 update

    PUBG MOBILE :- Livik Map deails

    new update pubg mobile
    • The New Livik Map is small map with action packed adventures all around pubg developer develop first ever first pace battle royale map where the game finished around 15 minutes . This is specially developed for the players who have less time to play but they want to play game they can enjoy a new map and play in their suitable times .
    • Livik Map comes with new & unique landmarks , terrain changes and theme is totally changed from the last 4 maps we witnessed in the past .
    • In New Map players get washed with rapid water flow on the top of the waterfall New features like waterfalls , hotspring new features helps players to make new strategies & all the matches is action packed in livik .
    • Livik Map comes with Two new exclusives weapons , First gun you all guys already know is P90 recently P90 exclusively comes in TDM’s only but now it comes to battle royale in the new livik map or Second weapon is MK12 a brand new brust sniper riffle .
    • According to the rumors a Brand new Exclusive Vechicle called Monster Truck join the with brand new Livik Map .

    Season 14 Leaks

    pubg mobile tencent pubg mobile game
    According to reports pubg mobile season 14 trailer is leaked . after watching the leaked trailer we may know the theme which called ‘Spark The Fame’ .In the leaked trailer we see new gun skins , vehicle skins but Pubg Mobile not officially confirmed anything about season 14 .
    But in this leaked trailer there will be a new m24 skin as reward in diamond tier M416 Rifle skin , Dacia or UAZ Skin .


    Tencent Company not officially confirmed when they release Season 14 , Season 13 ending on 12 july so the expected date in 13 july and The version 0.19.0 comes on 7th July with Livik Map and exclusive items that’s all for today .
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