How to Use Google Question Hub for Blogger to Create Quality Content

Quality content is the main requirement for Blogging & Adsense approval but for new bloggers (beginners) finding new quality content is too much difficult task but today we discuss How to Use Google Question Hub for Blogger to Create Quality Content. Question Hub is a great service by google which gives you unlimited quality content ideas.

But, this tool is only available in India, Indonesia, Nigeria if you are a Blogger or Website owner from this regions you can use Google Question Hub to find quality content idea’s. If you guys use this tool you gain more traffic and quality content ideas.

What is Google Question Hub ?

Google Question Hub is the service by google that helps bloggers to get quality content ideas. Google process 4 billion queries everyday but some of the queries are not available in google results. Some peoples find queries on googles but they only get related results for that query.

Google Question Hub is an online tool by google which collect unanswered queries asked by users on google search engine. some time there are many users search same query but no content related that query available on google

So this tool collect that queries this is a great opportunity for us we can write quality content on that particular query.Because a lot of peoples search this queries but the answer not available on google.

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How to Signup with Google Question Hub

To signup on Question Hub Go To you don’t have to pay anything for this service you just need a gmail account if you don’t have a gmail account create now then sign-in your account in question hub which is connected with google search console.

Then, Add your Blog in question hub if you already add your blog in google search console you will see your blog on question hub page you can add more website their later.

After, Setting up your blog select your choices. select the language first then choose your country for example i am choosing English and India so all the questions asked by Indians shown on my question hub profile after choose your preferences click get started.

How to Find Topics for Quality Articles

After Successful Registration you will be able to add questions to your question hub account just select the topic related to your blog niche from the category as shown in image

like my website niche is technology so i choose technology all the questions related to technology shown there click on add button then 10 question added to your account everytime you click on add button 10 new question added to your account. You can choose multiple categories to answer questions.

Write the Answers and Submit the URL to Question Hub

Now, check the question added in your account choose the questions wisely because all the questions are not answerable sometimes users search illogical queries. so choose the questions wisely.

Find the questions that relate your knowledge which you can answer confidently then make a quality article (In-Depth) on that question and publish it on your website/blog.

After publishing the article on your blog copy the URL of that article and put the link to the specific question then click on ‘ANSWER’ button if your not interested to answer any question click on ‘DISMISS’ button.

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If anyone search this queries google suggest your article if your content is relevant question hub increase your website traffic it create better chances to qualify for google adsense there are many related questions you can submit your article link in related queries.

How to Check the Answers Performance

Once you have submit your link in articles, you will be able to check performance of answers click on Performance Tab then connect your google console account with it just grant the permission to question hub all the data shown in Performance Tab after some analysis.

You can analyze full performance of your submitted answers ( impressions, clicks, CTR ).


In this article we discuss How to Use Google Question Hub for Blogger to Create Quality Content Google Question Hub is in beta stage so it is available in limited regions like India, Indonesia, Nigeria. Question Hub is a perfect online tool for beginners it helps us to find content ideas and rank in google pages it initially boost your website traffic we create quality content with these ideas.

After, using Question Hub we can write quality content that has not widely available on Internet.This method is personally tried by us if you are beginner is blogging you can try this tool and gain your website traffic.

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