How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation ” Site Behaviour Navigation Error”

Today we discuss How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation ” Site Behaviour Navigation Error” because this is one of the most common Google Adsense Policy Violation error It is usually faced by beginners who have just started their first website/blog.

Poor Navigation of Website is the main reason behind Site Behaviour Navigation Error

It is very much important to provide a perfect navigation on website before apply for Adsense. Adsense already provide you requirements articles on how to create a perfect navigation menu for your website or blog.

Your website have perfect and easy-to-navigate menu that gives perfect experience to users having decent UI plays an important role which may decide whether your website get approval or rejected by Adsense.

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The solution to Fix Adsense Policy Violation ” Site Behaviour Navigation Error “

Site Behaviour : Navigation Error is the most common Adsense error so you can easily fix it in some easy steps Follow these steps to fix this error :

  1. First create a navigation menu if your site don’t have any main menu on your website/blog.

2. Don’t use broken links in navigation menu if you don’t have any idea about broken links use plugins to check broken links.

3. Arrange the menu according to your website/blog. use only important and related menu.

4. Use Sub-Menu Wisely.

5. Never ever use External Links in Navigation Menu.

6. Check all External Links that you used on your website/blog

7. Do not use spammy links or unrelated pages in Navigation Menu.

8. Use Social Media Widgets Wisely on your website/blog.

9. If you are Blogger user always use labels to define your content simply.

10. Always make a clear and simple navigation menu that help google crawlers and users to understand.

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Always Follow Requirements, Term & Conditions Given By Adsense

If you guys ready to apply for adsense, you always need to remember these requirements for good navigation menu to prevent Site Behaviour: Navigation Error violations.

Always remember to align menu perfectly, choose perfect font, font size Thus user should read and see the menu with ease.

Always use sticky navigation menu because unstable navigation menu create many issues, always check the functions of navigation menu make sure there is no broken links in the navigation menu all the menu options point correct destination.

If you guys want an perfect example of navigation menu check our website. it is so simple and easy to understand for all users

The Main Reason Behind Site Behaviour: Navigation Error.

This Error occurs if your site have a bad navigation menu on your website/blog. This type of errors occurs if your website/blog follows these factors.

Bad Links Redirections

If users click on any external link, they will redirect to another website or any unrelated websites this is the main reason behind google adsense navigation error Force Redirection is not allowed because every user have freedom to get quality content.

A Link Which Not Exist

The Links Shows 404 or page not found error. it usually happen if you guys use broken or wrong link. it can also happen if a link point to point to old articles which has been removed or changed if your blog contain too many broken links, Site Behaviour : Navigation occurs.

Wrong Claim of Contents or Unrelated Pages

If you guys show something & give something different to user this error may occur, if you redirect to any type of unrelated content through navigation menu, if you redirect to copyright content through menu adsense always detect as violation

Importance of Good Navigation Menu

Adsense only approve the blog which provide quality content your website/blog should easy to use A Quality website/blog should provide decent navigation menu that helps users to navigate website easily


In this article we disuss How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation ” Site Behaviour Navigation Error” Because Site Behaviour : Navigation Error is very common adsense error for every blogger who want to monetize their blog get rejected at least one time it mostly happens with begginers because adsense policies is to much strict if you guys face these error already follow these steps and reapply for approval never giveup just focus on quality (unique) content and make a good navigation menu it is not too much easy to get adsense approval because adsense check all the single factors monitor all the activites on your website/blog. so design your website wisely because adsense AI (Artifical Intelligence) is to smart if your website break any single policy adsense never approve you so focus on your unique content and easy to understand navigation that’s all for today i hope you found this article useful if you like this article share with your friends and follow our blog to get in touch with us till then stay safe stay home.


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