7 Proven ways to Earn From Instagram in India 2020

Nowadays, Social Media is a part of our daily life on daily basis we spent approx 5-6 hours on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it is only time-consuming or wastage of time but what happens if you earn money with these social media platforms

Today we discuss about 7 Proven ways to Earn From Instagram in India 2020,How to Earn with Instagram, yes you read it correctly you can earn with Instagram like Youtube or Blogging these is very easy to earn with Instagram before we get started I recommend you to read our previous article  How to get Approval on Blogspot domain Everyone today already knows what is Instagram if you don’t know what is Instagram and how to use it I give you a basic knowledge about Instagram So let’s get into it.

How to Earn with Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a Social Media platform by Facebook which is introduced as a photo-sharing platform and become top social media platform in a short time day by day Instagram growth increased every people love to share their photos on Instagram it is very much easy to use just create your account on Instagram website or application and start posting your photos.

How to Earn with Instagram

Instagram is a great opportunity to earn money online you just need to create your userbase with Instagram pages or profiles start posting photos and use these following methods to earn money with instagram.


Affiliate Market is a great earning source on Instagram like Blogging or Youtube after building an audience on your instagram page or profile start uploading pics with affiliate links according to your page niche for example if you have a dog based page you can share dog food or accessories affiliate links when anyone visits your profile or purchase any product from your affiliate link you will earn some fixed amount of money in your affiliate account it totally depends on your audience but affiliate marketing is such a great way to earn through instagram.


Nowadays Instagram is a great product selling platform many of the users today buy digital or physical products from instagram instead of any other website because products in good quality and cheaper price is available on instagram just create an instagram business account it gives many features like shop button to make shopping easier many of big brand today using instagram to increase products sales online after building the audience on your page you can make an ecommerce website or website or sell your products and earn money easily just start posting your products pics with the products link and start your earning from instargram.

Sponsored Posts is also a great way to earn money on instagram there are many of the influencers on instagram daily earn in thousands of rupees with a sponsored post on their instagram account but you need a good audience for that if you have a good audience on your instagram page or profile many companies contact you and offer you money to post a sponsored post on your account for a single post they offer 500$ to 800$ you also get offers from companies if you are posting quality content on your page or profile you easily get sponsorship even if you have less audience like 1k – 5k followers.


Brand Ambassador is same as Sponsored Posts where companies need permanent influencers for their companies who can promote their company with great impressions regularly where brand ambassador reviews their products and recommend it to audience company give regular payout or commissions to influencers according to their audience.


As I told you before instagram is a great way to sell products online social marketing is a great way on instagram to promote products to increase company sales today there are millions of business and millions of advertisers on instagram so there are to much competition in this field so every company finds a social media marketer who examine the trends of market check the demand of market and make great offers to compete with competitors.


Instagram is not only for sharing photos if you are a creative person like if you are a graphic designer, web designer, painter, editor, etc you can post your creative photos or videos on your Instagram page if any company or individual like your work or creativity they hire you and you can earn lots of money with this way.


You can earn lots of money using Instagram it totally depends on your audience engagement you page niche sometimes you earn lots of money with fewer followers or sometimes you earn too low with decent followers so choose your niche perfectly according to your passion and start earning today with Instagram.


Yes, you can start earning money with 1000 followers but it totally depends company to company or niche to niche if you have good engagement you earn more even on 1000 followers companies pay 10$ to 500$ according to niche or engagement you can also earn to much money with selling products on 1000 followers pages just focus on quality content.


In this article we discuss about 7 Proven ways to Earn From Instagram in India 2020. As I mentioned above that Social Media is a part of our daily life instagram is a growing industry today users of instagram increasing day by day so there are many opportunities to earn you can use any of these methods we share in this article this is the most certified methods to earn money with instagram all these methods are self-tested ways by our team if you guys found this article useful please share it with your friends or if you get updated with this types of articles subscribe our blog to get in touch with us till then stay safe and stay home

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