What is Share Market ? How to Invest in Share Market & Strategies .

Hey ‘ readers today we discuss what is share market & share market strategy many of you already know what is share marketing if you don’t know what is share market in short, it is an earning business with low to high risks according to your investment share market raise or down on daily bases according to market daily.
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What is Share Market ? How to Invest in Share Market & Strategies .
What is Share Market? How to Invest in Share Market & Strategies .


Basically, Share Marketing is a platform where we can buy or sell shares. Shares are part of company ownership sold by the company in a small percentage for a selected time to public like 1year, 3 years, etc. For example, you bought shares for 5000 rs in any company then you become a shareholder of that particular company you can sell it anytime you want if you invest for a long time you get high returns or if you invest for a short time you get fewer returns after purchasing shares company profit or losses affect your profits if company’s share price raises you get higher profit if the company shares fall down maybe you lose some part of your share.share market is a daily open financial market.
Note:- Share Market & Mutual Funds is the subject to market risks please check the privacy policy first of all companies we are not responsible for any type of loss. always purchase a share at your own risk.


Every company wants to expand or develop a company business but they need money to expand the business that’s why they raise shares to the public and give them returns (interest) according to their investments and time period.


There are majorly two types of share market
1.Primary Market
2.Secondary Market

Primary Market

Primary Market is the main market where the companies direct sell the share to the public for expanding the business this can be done publicly or privately price of a share is fixed in the primary market and decided by the issuer

Secondary Market

The Shares Purchased in the primary market are sold in the secondary market. The secondary market is an exchange market where two persons deal for shares.

How to Invest in Share Market

How to Invest In Share Market
How to Invest In Share Market
To invest in the share market we need a Trading or Demat account these accounts are connected with your bank accounts to simply buy and sell shares there are many companies provide trading account facilities just create an account link your documents with it. now you’re ready to buy shares just select a share according to your needs that’s it now you purchase a share now you can sell it anytime you want.

Stock Market Traded in Four Categories

  • Bonds
  • Shares
  • Mutual Funds


Bonds is defined as multiple loans borrowed by investors and repay them with interest it is called as bonds for example if you want to start a company but your company does not start earning from the very first day so you need time to establish your company so you take a loan of 2 lakh from investors and pay them some amount of interest per year according to your loan time. The agreement amount of interest paid to investors is called Bonds.


Shares is part of any company ownership companies sell these shares to the public to expand their business for a fixed time with a fixed rate of returns (interest) this is called shares.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds help you to invest in shares indirectly. In Mutual Funds, a 3rd party company take the money from others and invest directly in share market all the funding is handle by a professional funds manager of that company mutual funds companies just make plan same like share market plans just made simple changes in it.

Share Market Strategy

Share Market is a very great place to make your career and earn to fulfil your dreams but this can only done by awareness because this is a very wide market that’s why there is too much risk in this market so always choose the company according to reviews and analyze the market first do not invest too much without knowledge of share market first learn what is share market for approx 1-month learning makes you perfect after you get some experience then invest and earn.

Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners , share market tips, how to work in share market
Always invest low amount in shares first learn how share market works, risks in share market, analyze the market for at least 1 month to make a strategy to earn through sharemarket just search share market today to analyze daily market, always place an eye on your portfolio to earn maximum profit and fulfil your dreams and make your future better.


In this article, we discuss What is Share Market ? How to Invest in Share Market & Strategies . Overview:-Share Market is a wide financial market where we can buy or sell shares. according to us share market is a great place to earn maximum profit to make your future better but understand this fact also all things have good or bad things if there are good peoples in share market there are too many bad persons in this market so always be aware of this always try to avoid scams and leave greed in share market because this is the main reason of fraud in share market where bad marketers give greedy offers to the victim and stole all their portfolio that’s all for today if you guys found this article useful for you please share this article with others and follow our blog to get updated with this type of quality articles your one share motivate us to make a quality article is you guys want more articles about share market let me know in the comments or dm us on social media handles till then stay safe stay home and follow government rules to stay safe always wear masks and use sanitizer etc.

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