How to Earn with Pubg Mobile

Hey , readers today we discuss how to earn money playing pubg mobile this is very interesting topic as there are many of you already know about pubg mobile if anyone from you don’t know what is pubg mobile this is a third person online multiplayers game everyday millions of active users play pubg mobile but pubg is not an game this is also a great money earning source .
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How to Earn with Pubg Mobile


PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) MOBILE is an online multiplayer game build for computer players by pubg corporation subsidary of south korean company Bluehole .
Game is inspired by japenese movie battle royale released in 2000 . Game started with 100 players everyone survive to be a winner #1 winner winner chicken dinner there are many of maps to play or arcade (5 minute matches) Pubg Mobile is a most trending game from the date of launch .


If you are one of them who are in fond of earning money then you are on right place today we discuss how to earn with pubg mobile there are many ways to earn money from pubg mobile

1.Start Playing As Competative Player


3.Start Pubg Mobile Specific Youtube , Twitch etc Channels

4.Become a Game Coach



Did you know how pubg earn money with playing as an competative player if you guys don’t know what is competative scenario in pubg mobile like all other games like cricket there are many teams like india , australia , pakistan etc . same like that in pubg mobile there are many professional teams who represents there states and countries & get paid from the team owners according to their performances their income increases they get paid from 1000$ to 5000$ monthly according to their performance so if you are pasionate to make your career in gaming you should start it today and get results in future .


Tournaments is also an great earning source in pubg mobile you can earn great profit from official or un-official tournaments pubg mobile announce many official tournaments like pmis and pmco with a great earning opportunity where many professional teams and underdog teams (formal players) and earn money and get famous or you can also earn from un-official tournaments where many companies organize tournaments on daily basis even 24 hours daily where you can earn around 70-100$ daily .


As you guys know pubg mobile is an trending topic also from the release of pubg mobile
 There are many channels who stream pubg daily gameplay and recorded gameplay on their channels on youtube , twitch , facebook etc and get paid from monetization there are many pubg specific channels and earn around 2500-3000$ monthly if you are good in video content building this is a good option for you to earn money if you want to know more about how to make money online from youtube you can read our how to earn money online 2020 article .


If you guys have a great knowledge about game good game sense so you can apply as an gaming coach for a professional team first they take your auditions check your game sense and offer you a great package if they love your strategies according to my opinion this is a great option to earn money you can earn 1000-2000$ monthly if you become a gaming coach your work is so simple if you have a great game senses but if you are new to game this is not a good option for you if you are good in game then train yourself and apply as gaming coach you can also make your career in game coaching .


In this article we discuss how to earn with pubg mobile,how to earn money from pubg mobile game these are the top ways to earn money i personally tried top 3 ways but gaming coach is also a great option but i m not capable for it so i don’t try if you think you are capable you should try gaming coach option this is all the genuine ways to earn from pubg mobile that’s all for today .
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