how to earn money online without investment for students

Everyone want to earn online . Earn money online is a dream for many users right now but they don’t know the right way to earn money online,when you guys search for ways to make money from home there many works suggested in articles or videos .
After reading articles or watching the video you guys started that work but when you guys don’t get results from that work you give up on that work but this is not good at all . Because to do every work online or any job it’s needs time to settle that work . So, before reading this article I recommend you guys to make a mindset to do a work (online or offline) patience is must in all type of works .
How to earn money online 2020
How to earn money online 2020


unemployment increasing day by day but everyone want to earn so they find different different ways to earn when anyone serach about earning ways online earning is the top most suggestion of all the web results do you know why ?
Because digital jobs are growing industry today we can earn very much amount of money through online jobs .


Patience is the key of success . if you guys also want to be a successful then patience is the key of success . your consistency make you success if u consistenly do your work no matter it is online or offline. you achieve success one day definately .
So, Today We discuss about the top most ways to earn money online through online jobs .




Blog really means to showcase your talent through your articles & knowledge to the world . we can write blogs on different – different topics which is called niche. Blog is a platform where we can share our knowledge , ideas , creativity with others . blog means to write an article on a particular topic that depends according to your niche . blog is a regular updated website or a webpage where we can update our aricles time to time , earn money with monetizing the blog with google adsense or other advertising platforms or affilate marketing this is called as blog where writers should write according to their niche and earn money with monetization and other earning methods . you can also use blog service if you are passionate in writing it’s totally depends on you .

So if you guys decide to start a blog then your primary task is to find a perfect niche (niche means a topic of your interest) on which you guys publish articles i recommend you all to please choose the niche according to your interest if u select a wrong niche . it creates many difficulties for you guys later because you guys will post articles until you are interested in blogging if you dont get any results from it definately you guys will stop writing articles . if you choose niche according to your interest your interest never break to write articles on it .
To Learn More about Blogging visit this article :- What is Blogging ?
How to Start Blogging on WordPress ?
How to Start Blogging on Blogspot Free ?


 Youtube is the top most growing industry today after google as you guys know google is top search engine but after google youtube comes on second number in search engines lists .
Today everyone search all the topics for informations because everyone prefer practicle knowledge more than reading materials you just need to make a quality content (useful videos) that helps users & you can montize your videos using google adsense , affilate marketing , sponsorship .



Freelancing is including in the best ways to make money online where you get various task like web development , graphic designing , editing etc . 
Freelancing means to work for others and make money you can charge any amount on every task posted by users and companies they decide a budget if you guys ready with that offer you will choose and start earning .
There are some following website where we can use freelancing services . 
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
Here is some freelance website where you can start your online earnings if you guys want more website let me know in the comment section or our social media handles.


Online teaching is also an real way to make money from home , In this lockdown many of teaching services like Byjus , Udemy Hire new teachers who are good in teaching or explaining the opic perfectly with perfect presentations and practical tasks you can earn very much using online teaching
Online Teaching is a wide scope industry because internet growing day by day .
To start online teaching just fill a simple form on vedantu , udemy , byjus like website and filling registration form they ask for a demo just post a demo after they are selected you can minium 500 rs to 1500 rs perhour according to your experience .


Introducte your own unique courses is widely used if you are professional in any work like :-web development or coding you can start a course for others to train them & earn Just work with your speciality in which term you thought you are perfect build a course on that but don’t copy anyone’s idea it’s not profitable beacuse many of users also used it or id own your personal image try to create a brand with your own unique courses if you create a brand value for sure you don’t need to promote your next course because you provide a quality content in your first course and your course automatically start promoting by others beacuse of content quality so make a quality content that helps you to build a network or make your brand value .


   Network Marketing is a online buissness opportunity where we can earn in millions .The Buissness Model of Network Marketing is depends on P2P (Person to Person) Sale by an Inpedent representatives .
In Network Marketing we can easily do our work from home . The Main Requirements in Network Marketing is to build a network . when anyone join under our network it starts a chain .
Everytime a new person join in our network it builds a chain . Network Marketing is the Buissness where building networks gives you profit .
There are many Reputable Network marketing operations as pyramid schemes where some companies take charges first and give a stater kit or some companies give option to join free .
Every Company has there own marketing plan but the main agenda is same to make a Networking
Chain All Network Marketing companies give income to users according to their levels eg. 3% , 6% all the incomes of distributors are depends on total turnover of company or the sales by distributor network
To Learn More Visit this article :-Top 5 Network Marketing Companies


Affilate Marketing is used when your website and youtube channel in working stage here you opt to start affilate marketing by allowing companies to use their product links in your website when anyone buy something from that links you get an assured amount of bonus on every purchase by every single vistor of your channel and website
There are many of youtubes or bloggers earn very much good profit by affilate marketing don’t underestimate affilate marketing because it gives you great profit like other moetisations even more than that


It is one of the most simple online jobs where you can good profit and without any professional skills .
You just need a internet connection , computer / laptop or decent typing speed there are many sites provide data entry jobs and give 300 – 1500 per hour . But there is an twist i told you this is an easy work thats why many fraud companies start that same jobs they ask for some registration fees or give you an outstanding offer which makes you greedy but they only stole your money and never give you anything back so please be safe out there select a company after analyse the company on your own basis .


We Discuss about many ways to earn money from home or easily earn online this is my own used ways that i shared with you if you guys interested in any of the work first analyze the work on your own basis . learn the basics of that work then start working with lots of patience because without patience you cannot do any work perfectly i advised you to don’t waste your many in scams first analyze then implement it i hope this article is useful for you guys if you learn something new from our article please share this article and follow our blog to get in touch with our latest blogs Stay Home Stay Safe .


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