How to customize youtube channel url or change it ??

Hey , Today we discuss how to change Youtube Custom URL If you already change your channel custom url once and want to change it again because you changed your channel name or any other reasons beyond it . As you know there is no option of changing custom url of your youtube channel on your channel dashboard or youtube studio .
Did you know that you can change your youtube channel custom url 3 times a month but you can change it with a hidden trick
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How to customize youtube channel url


As i said above this is a hidden trick to change your youtube channel custom url many of you are thinking this is legal or not or is this harmful for your channel or not .
If you ask me this question i clearly said no becasue  this is not illegal it is done by official process from google account connected with your youtube channel so let’s get started .


To customize or change your custom url on youtube first open youtube and login in your google account linked with your youtube channel .if you want to change it in your mobile then open chrome browser in your mobile and login in your google account then choose desktop mode in your mobile to open in desktop view after your youtube channel is open come on youtube dashboard then click onyour channel logo there a dropdown menu appears there .
In that menu select youtube studio to change custom url for youtube channel then youtube dashboard appear there . Select setting option from the dashboard .
After selecting setting option a new dashboard appears with ma y categories select channel option there after selecting channel option click on advanced setting then scroll down and click on manage your youtube channel or account
youtube custom url
Then a new menu appears select advanced setting there again then a menu comes where USER ID , CHANNEL ID , CUSTOM URL etc options are coming click on learn more about cutom url’s here option .


how to change youtube custom url
after click on the custom url option here option a new google article appears scroll down and click on Remove Custom URL and claim a new one .then click on about me page your google account about me page appears simply scroll down and click on custom url shown in bottom of page just click on that & new or final dashboard apperas like below image
how to customize youtube channel url
Just click on remove button to remove your last Custom URL or add a new custom url after removing your last custom url you can easily add your new custom url .


In this article we discuss how to change youtube custom url but remember this you can change your custom url thrice in month if you found this article useful please share this article it motivate us to write new articles like this

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