Best 18 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Hey ‘ Readers today we discuss about Best 18 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers which helps you to make your work perfectly and simply you can easily optimize your website using wordpress plugins
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Best 18 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers
Best 18 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used to manage your online content and helps you to make a website or blog with thousand of free themes and plugins to customize and seo of your website or blog this is the short summary of WordPress.


WordPress Plugins is a software made by group of commands it is widely used to optimize , customize and seo of your website . There are many wordpress plugins to do task simply . wordpress plugins is a great option to add new features to our website with simple steps .wordpress plugings is build in PHP programming language .In wordpress all variety of plugins is available to do various tasks .


WordPress Plugins is usually made in PHP Programming Language anyone can make wordpress plugins easily with PHP knowledge . wordpress plugins made for all basic needs for any website . There is a wide wordpress community where any one can make plugins and help others who don’t know about coding to add new features to your website .


WordPress Plugins is used to customize , optimize & seo of your website you can use many plugins like yoastseo for seo elementor pro for page building and many more plugins to customize any blog or website without any single coding wordpress plugins is specially made to minimize work load of website owner or if you don’t know anything about coding you can make a design your website with wordpress plugins .





















Yoast Seo is the most popular wordpress plugin that is used for seo of websites and blogs , yoast seo helps many websites to rank on the top of google yoast seo gives us recommendations to improve our site seo like it shows us suggestions to improve our title , make changes in post etc .
Yoast Seo is mostly used wordpress plugins by many bloggers beacuse it really helps alot to rank on top of google you can use it just simply enter your focus keywords rest the work of yoast seo must try this plugin to rank on top of google .


Elementor Pro is a wordpress plugin that is used to build pages in your website or blogs you can design your website with single clicks there are thousands of designs , templates , widgets with any coding the specialty of elementor pro is you can make a page without any knowledge of programming it is very much useful for begineers to build pages with simple clicks so you can focus on your quality content .


Contact Form by WP Forms is an wordpress plugin that is used to build a contact form for your website or blog which helps user to make a connection with you you can make a contact form without any coding  just drag and drop your contact form is ready this is very much powerful tool to create contact form , payment form , feedback forms etc . like all other wordpress plugins this plugin is also a beginner friendly plugin to do your work easy and simple .


Jetpack is a wordpress plugin that is used to manage your site security and performance . jetpack provide 24×7 security it secure your website from brute force attacks or unauthorized logins there are many plans like basic or premium plans basic plan is free but if you want to use premium plan you have to pay for it .it also helps you to track your website or check downtime of your website or blog 
You can customize your website using jetpack .


Smush is an wordpress plugin that is used to optimize your website images or compress images that helps you to speed up your website it make your website powerful in loading speed and google always prefer high speed website on tops that’s also helps you to rank on the top of google 
You can easily compress images with losing the quality of images using this plugin it optimize your page speed there are many other features like convert images formats (pro) , compress ,size detection etc .This is very much easy & user-friendly plugin specially designed for beginners with the help of smush you can easily speed up your website without any issue or you can focus on your next content .


The event calendar is an wordpress calendar plugin that is used for managing and create events calendar on your website or blog it is very much useful tool for them who want to add calendar for events on your websites if you want more info about this plugin you can easily search the event calendar plugin it shows all the info about it and installation process .


Metaslider is one of the wordpress plugin that is used used to create seo-friendly slides on your websites you can simply select images with drag and drop features and make seo friendly slides to add them on your websites there are four types of slides in metaslider .


AMP Plugin is an official tool by AMP Officials . This plugin used to enable amp in your website or blog that helps to make user experience better it helps to make website faster and responsive we define amp is accerlated mobile pages but now it used in desktop or mobiles both to make them faster this plugin is available on wordpress .


Rankmath is an another seo wordpress plugin that is used for seo it also work like yoast seo you can use free or paid versions according to your needs it also helps you to rank on google it gives you many tips for seo of your on-page seo or off-page seo  rankmath is great tool for seo it is used by many bloggers or website owners for seo of your site you can choose according to your needs you can choose yoast seo or rankmath both the plugins are available paid or free .


Optionmonster is a very much powerful wordpress plugin that is used to convert your all website traffic to your permanent visitors or email subscribers
This helps you for email subscribers faster you can easily made it with drag and drop features this plugin is very much useful for conversion must try this plugin specially beginners this helps you to make your visitors as your permanent visitors .


As you guys know security is the top most priority of any blogger or website what happen if anyone hack your website or delete your content or any other mis-happening not only backup saves you from it you need a software for security of your website sucuri is one of the most best security plugin in wordpress to secure your website . sucuri is used by many website owners and bloggers to secure their websites data because sucuri create a firewall on your website . it protects your site from brute force attacks , malware attacks etc wordpress plugins security is the most serious issue for all this is a best tool for security of your website for begineers specially .


WPROCKET is a wordpress plugin that helps you to speed up your website it speed up our website by making cache of your website this is a best plugin to make a cache of your website if you use this plugin in your website it automatically compress your content . make gzip’s . compress images etc to boost your website performance and speed beginners must use it to make your work easy and rank easily on google .it works same like w3 total cache plugin or wp fastest cache you can also use this plugin .



RafflePress is the bestest wordpress plugin to get more traffic on your website or blog . it gives you instantly traffic and social media followings  it comes with drag and drop features to make attractive giveways on your website to make attractive impressions on your audience that not means that you use it without any quality content you need to write quality content then use it to make traffic and build your brand with supportive audience .if anyone take part in your giveway they should enter their emails to participate in it . rafflepress helps you to gain more traffic on your website just connect your social media that helps you toget more engagement on your social media’s .


Learndash plugin is use to sell and create courses from your wordpress blog and website learndash have easy interface with darg and drop features which helps you to add quiz , summary etc to build your courses with ease .


Shared counts is a great plugin to add fancy & attractive social media sharing buttons on your websites or blogs  it also counts the social share which helps you to analyse the shares
Shared counts is a free plugin but there are many paid plugins available to make social share buttons on your website  this is a great plugin for beginners or famous bloggers both without any single codeing .


WooCommerce is the best ecommerce plugin available in wordpress plugin library used by 4 crore + websites it helps to create an online store with many themes this is the best plugin to create an ecommerce store or store for your own products .wordpress woocommerce is the famous plugin used by many websites .


WP META SEO is an another option for seo optimization that helps you for image seo , on page or off page seo  & redirects it helps to create html or xml sitemaps for your website , 404 error redirects etc there are many more features of wp meta seo you can use it for seo optimizations of your websites .


If you are a video content creator (make videos on youtube or facebook like platforms) then webdevart is a great wordpress plugin for you it helps you to embed your videos with your websites with any single word of coding it is an easy to install plugin which helps you to place your embeded videos on your websites everywhere video creator must use this plugin it helps you so much .


Here we discuss about Best 18 wordpress plugins that helps begginers as well the experienced website owners this plugins helps you write a quality content because your all other work done by these plugins
word press plugins for seo is yoast seo or rank math like plugins or if you want to create a online store you can use wordpress woocommerce plugin this is the best plugin for it you can use sucuri  for security of your website all these wordpress plugins are self tested by us you can do all the tasks with the help of these plugins we don’t recommend to depend on these plugins do your work on your own because no plugin do your work like you use them only if you want less burrden that all for today
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