Top 5 Adsense Alternatives Why are Adsense Alternatives So Famous ?

Are you guys irretated with google adsense rejections everytime ? Are you guys want to earn money with monetization in the starting of your website or blog ? so you guys are on the right place today we discuss about Best Adsense Alternatives . Did you guys know why is Adsense Alternatives So Famous ?
If your answer is no ! then today i’ll clear all your doubts in this article .as you guys know when we start a new blog or website and try to monetize it through google ads but everytime you apply for monetization google gives you rejection everytime with some errors it is to much annoying for new bloggers or the beginners . after rejected they decide to quit blogging even they have potentials but negative thinking stop them to work . So today i have solution for this problem for all my mates/readers who facing this problem
Before we get started to this topic i recommend you to read our recent blogs to know about blogging in detail or how to get more traffic on your website or blog . so lets get started with today’s topic .

What is Adsense ??

 Adsense is a platform by Google which serve advertisement to your Website or Youtube like platforms . adsense shows the ads send by advertiser to the publisher website . advertizers pay Google either by Click (CPC) or Impression (CPM) in turn google share a percentage of  that earning with adsense publishers who publish content and place google ads on their website or blog . adsense is started in march 2003 .
The total earning of adsense is totally depends on CPC or CPM . Mostly on CPC when a reader click on the advertisement adsense pay higher rates of CPC (Click) then CPM (Impression) CPM earning is counting as the views or impression onyour website but on large scale of visitors like thosusand impressions . In adsense their are various types of ads are available for content ads .The ads can be simple text , images , videos with many ads sizes .

How Adsense Works ??

When we get adsense approval . it is to much easy to place ads on your site . to add (Ads) in your website you have to just select the type of ads you want to serve on your website for your users according to your website . for example video ads , image ads etc . select the size of ads according to your website content / articles . after your selection is complete it shows the ads code in your adsense account just copy that code and paste where you want to show the ads in your website .

Why We Need an Adsense Alternatives ??

There is no doubt that adsense is the most popular and high paying adverstisement network . But not for new cumors or freshers . when you guys start a new website or blog if u guys want to monetize it google adsense never gives you an approval for google ads because when you start a new website no one knows about your website or to much less traffic on your website or blog . Then why google approve a fresher just think about it . Google only work with them who have great audience support , good ways of traffic or a great content for sure you guys think you’are publishing a quality content but why google not approve your website for google ads . but only content not matters you need traffic who visit your website and watch that ads .
Just imagine Google approve your website for google ads without traffic no one even watch that ads it waste time both of sides (Google Or Our personal time)  . This is the main reason why google not approve less visitors (traffic) or no traffic websites , many times new publishers quit blogging because of they won’t work without any earning .
Now , we are discussing about Top 5 Adsense Alternatives that give us permission to place ads even we have less traffic on our website or you started you website or blog today and paying preety much good for ads But dont compare it with google adsense because there is no platform who compete with adsense if an alternative pay you 1$ for 1k impression then google adsense pay 5x times higher .
mainly it is for your personal satisfaction i suggest you to publish a quality content and wait for sometime when traffic visit to read your articles then apply for google adsense when you relize traffic comes to your website .
Adsense alternatives | google ads






                                       5.Amazon Native Shopping Ads


best adsense alternative is the biggest competitor of Google Adsense because it is run by Yahoo or Bing . is the world largest contextual ads network and used by many of publishers .it helps you to maximize your earning with contextual ads with Yahoo or Bing search engines .it is first made as a server side header bidding Platform which allowing you to make the most programatic display in less efforts.

Propeller Ads

google adsense alternatives
Propeller Ads is a large ad network that offers various range of advertisement like banners , push notification etc .Propeller ads is easy to use platform that allows new users to place ads in new website even if you are started today just post some articles and start earning with Propeller ads it also featured automated ads optimization  where all the settings tuned by AI . But if your website is with less traffic you can choose limited ads .


adsense alternatives for blogger
Adsterra offers great advertising options for both advertisers or publishers . like i said no one even like google adsense but for starting adsterra is very much good ads network like propeller ads you can start advertising your contecnt from the very first day of your website . here you can use all types of ads like banner native etc and paying a good rate of CPC or CPM .
It is a faster growing ad network creating over 10-15 millions impression per month . with its user friendly platform . Adsterra is very easy platform to monetize your website traffic .
Adsterra offers popunder ads , banners ,push notification or video ads for both mobile and desktop users.


best google adsense alternatives
Popads is specialized in popunder ads claiming to the best paying ad network in this ads category
Pop ads network is used in more than 50 Countries . it also provides refer scheme like adsterra or propeller ads  for both advertisers and publishers . popads paying high in popunder ads category as compare to other advertising platforms.


adsense alternative for youtube
Bloggers and Website owners use Amazon Affilate to earn for long time . But Amazon Native Shopping Ads offers another high-reward way to monetise your website .
Similar to adsense ads ,amazon native shopping ads provides many types of adsto monetize website if someone purchase through the ads you guys got some of comission from it
Amazon is the top conversion rate than other commerce sites in world .

Is This Alternatives Work With Youtube ??

No , You guys can’t use this alternatives in youtube directly because this is not possible Youtube is a Google product . we can only monetise youtube videos using google adsense . There is no alternatives options in  youtube to monetize videos . But you guys can Indirectly monetize your youtube video by adding the embedded links of your Youtube videos in your website or blog using this alternatives .


So its time for the conclusion , after the full disscussion about adsense alternatives it’s totally depends on you to use which avertising platform . I personally used Adsterra , Propeller ads , Amazon native ads
it provides same type of ads , good conversion rate , easy to use . But in some platforms like propeller ads give you permission to use limited ads if you have less traffic on website . same for to qualify in advertise program you guys need some traffic to get approval but in adsterra you can use all types of ads to your website/blog no issue or limitations of visitors .
But as we discuss above No advertising platform can pay like Google Adsense if you guys earn 1-2$ in alternatives your earning automatically turns 5x in google adsense . so dont take alternatives same as adsense but it really pays good , Something is good then Nothing.
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