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Today We Discuss About Blog Meaning ?? Many of the Bloggers will start Bloging without completely Know About Blogging . If You Are a Blogger Think Twice You Completely Know What really Blogging is ??
Blog Meaning


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Do you guys know what blog really means & when it is started . if you guys don’t know you are on right place in the starting time of blogging it is just a online dairy where peoples write their experiences or feelings and share it online . it is started in 1994 but later people saw an opportunity in it to share knowledge , ideas , creations with others and the great journeyof blogging is started .
In a research 3 out of 10 Bloggers. who strats Blogging After Just watching a Youtube Video Or Just after Reading An Article with many dreams to earn like other Bloggers . But it won’t work Properly . Because you need a proper knowledge about Blogging or what is the real meaning of blog ??
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So lets get into it

Blog Meaning

Blog really means to showcase your talent through your articles & knowledge to the world . we can write blogs on different – different topics which is called niche. Blog is a platform where we can share our knowledge , ideas , creativity with others . blog means to write an article on a particular topic that depends according to your niche . blog is a regular updated website or a webpage where we can update our aricles time to time , earn money with monetizing the blog with google adsense or other advertising platforms or affilate marketing this is called as blog where writers should write according to their niche and earn money with monetization and other earning methods . you can also use blog service if you are passionate in writing it’s totally depends on you .

So if you guys decide to start a blog then your primary task is to find a perfect niche (niche means a topic of your interest) on which you guys publish articles i recommend you all to please choose the niche according to your interest if u select a wrong niche . it creates many difficulties for you guys later because you guys will post articles until you are interested in blogging if you dont get any results from it definately you guys will stop writing articles . if you choose niche according to your interest your interest never break to write articles on it .

Blog Strucure

The apperance of blog changed time to time . now a days there are many plugins used to make an attractive blog .but basically most of the blogs incluse standard features . 
  • Header with the menu bar or Navigation bar
  • Main content area or latest blog posts
  • Sidebar with social profiles ,ads etc.
  • Footer with pages like About , Privacy & Policy etc .

Why is Blogging so popular ??

Now a days Blogging is growing on each passing days ! Hence to answer the question ‘ what is blogging ‘ we need to look on the factor rise about it .

In the early days blogging is mainly used as personal diary or news services websites . Day by Day it become a new source of information . 

Why Many Bloggers Blogging Today ?Are They Getting Paid .

You guys share your knowledge about any topic of your interest and monetize your blog or website to earn money when traffic comes to your website or blog you can earn through advertisements and affiliate marketing . When your Website/Blog Getting Some Fam you will make some teaching courses , development cources according to your niche and sell it on your blog or website and earn money easily .


 Patience is the key of success . if you guys also want to be a successful blogger then patience is the key of success . your consistency make you success if u consistenly post articles on your blog . you achieve success one day definately .

Which Platform is Good for Blogging ??

I Think this Information is more than enough to start Blogging , Now we discuss from where you start blogging  there is two main services which is mostly used for blogging by 99.5% Bloggers .
Blogger or WordPress is the Two Most Popular or most used Blogging Services that is used by 99.5% Bloggers . 


Blogger is the Product Powered by Goggle . Blogger is the most powerful service for blogging and it is a completely free service that is used by anyone without any charges . Blogger Provide an Unlimited Web Hosting Service to it’s users . The users can post unlimited articles  using blogger web hosting service .

Pros & Cons of Blogger

 PROS :-  1.Unlimited Web Hosting
       2.Powered By Google
                 3.High security than others
   4.No Server Errors
        5.High Speed Service
6.Easy to use
      CONS :- Less Customisation Features


WordPress is an open source website creation platform that is write in PHP and use mysql database . wordpress is content management system (cms) . WordPress is not worked liked Blogger . wordpress is only a content management system where we manage our content (articles) . But you need to purchase a domain or web hosting to make a blog on wordpress but in blogger you only need a domain name 

Pros & Cons of WordPress

  Pros :-Best Content Management System
            Many Plugins For All Purposes 
Cons :-Need an Aditional Web Hosting
            Not Easy To Understand for all
         Not much Secure Need plugins for secqurity 


Blogger provides unlimited hosting , google secqurity but limited customization tools / features.

WordPress provide lots of customization plugins / tools but you need to purchase web hosting or domain for this and secqurity plugins.
It’s Totally depends on you to start with which service Blogger or WordPress ??
But i recommend you guys if you are a totally new and a beginner in blogging start with blogger because it easy to understand , free hosting or made for beginners .
after that when you got some experience in blogging you will later migrate your blog or website to wordpress .
If you are a student and want to be a blogger u will start with blogger .
it gives you very much experience in blogging when you get some experience in blogging for sure you purchase web hosting or a domain and earn like others bloggers or if your little bit experienced in blogging you will choose WordPress . Purchase your own domain and web hosting .


I Hope That you guys Learn Something New or  Important after reading this article . If you guys ready to be a blogger then your next step is to work on your blog content (articles) consistently .To keep your visitors satisfied and engaged.
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